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Embark on an elevated journey at Frontwave Arena with our premium experiences, including 16 luxury suites, 3 VIP decks, an exclusive lounge and an open air patio. Get ready to be front and center for an unforgettable event, where every moment is filled with excitement and luxury. 

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Annual Suites

Indulge in the epitome of luxury and exclusivity in one of our 16 suites for all events at frontwave Arena

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Event Suites

The exceptional comfort of one of our suites, tailored to each show.

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Premium Annual Membership

Step into the epitome of luxury and refinement on the Premium Deck at Frontwave Arena, where the ambiance of games and concerts meets the sophistication of exclusive indulgence.

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Premium Annual Seats

Immerse yourself in the premium live event experience with our exclusive rail seats that encircle the entire building, providing unparalleled views and a truly immersive atmosphere.

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