Make your mark at Frontwave Arena today by purchasing your community corner tile that will last forever! 

At the heart of Frontwave Arena lies our Community Corner, a timeless mosaic representing shared pride and collective spirit. Crafted from exquisite Chenille White tiles and placed along the expansive outdoor Plaza, each piece is a lasting testament to the unity that powers our vibrant community.

The Community Corner will serve as a way to celebrate the essence of community by inviting individuals to etch their names into the legacy of Frontwave Arena. With over 400 personalized tiles, this space echoes the diverse stories and support of our community. By joining the community, you will also be able to enjoy exclusive perks and recognition events because your contribution deserves to be celebrated in style!

The tiles come in a range of two sizes and are priced between $500-$750. Get yours today and personalize it to honor your family, births, marriages, business, anniversaries and/or loved ones – allowing you to forever be part of the Frontwave Arena community.

Make your mark at Frontwave Arena's Community Corner.