Access Guide to Frontwave Arena for Guests with Disabilities

Frontwave Arena is committed to providing a first-class experience for all of our guests, including guests with disabilities. Frontwave Arena is accessible by guests with disabilities and dedicated team members are available to work with you in order to provide reasonable accommodations for your visit at Allegiant Stadium. 

Accessible / ADA Parking

For guests with disabilities, parking is located on the north side of the Frontwave Arena in the Green Lot. Disabled parking placards or license plates must be displayed at all times to be able to park in those stalls. Upon request, parking attendants can direct you to the location of the disabled parking stalls.

Accessible / ADA Seating


Accessible/disabled seating is available at Frontwave Arena. Accessible seating is reserved exclusively for patrons with accessible needs and their companions. Patrons purchasing accessible seating may purchase up to four (4) contiguous seats (One (1) accessible seat and three (3) companion seats). Depending upon availability, companion seats will be located as close as possible to the accessible space. This policy ensures that we are able to accommodate all those that need accessible seating.

Frontwave Arena is committed to working with patrons on a case-by-case basis to adequately accommodate individual needs. All ticket sales and exchanges are on a first-come/call, first-serve basis and will depend on ticket availability. Please contact the Box Office with any further questions.


Accessibility Tickets

Accessible seating is available on all levels of the arena and may be purchased through Adjacent companion seating may be purchased based on availability. On, click the "Accessible Seating" box to view seating. 

Drop off / Pick Up

The Accessible drop-off/pickup area is the same as the regular drop-off / pick-up area;  on the westbound side of Toyon Dr. ​​​​​​​



Guests with accessibility needs with tickets to a VIP Deck or VIP Suites can use either the elevator near the Northwest Entrance or the elevator near the Northeast Entrance

Guests with accessibility needs with tickets on the Floor will use the elevator near the Northeast Entrance.

Please seek out a Guest Services representative nearby for assistance.



Wheelchair access into the venue is via the West Entrance. There you will find an access ramp from the sidewalk to the entrance for wheelchairs and for those who may have trouble using steps.  Also, the Northeast Entrance is at street level.

First Aid

First Aid is located on the North Concourse near the Northwest Entrance. 

Floor Tickets

Guests who have floor tickets and are using a wheelchair can visit the Guest Services booth at the Northeast Entrance or ask a uniformed staff member for assistance. If requested, assistance will be provided from the elevator in the Northeast Entrance lobby to your seats on the floor.

Service Animals

Animals and pets of any kind are prohibited at Frontwave Arena with the exception of trained service animals or service animals in training that provide a specific service related to a guest’s disabilities.  Emotional support and/or comfort animals are not permitted. Service animals must remain on a leash and/or harness at all times. Service animals should rest on the floor in the seating area immediately adjacent to individual with the disability rather than in the aisle. The owner of any service animal that poses a threat to the safety of arena guests, staff, or other service animals will be required to remove the animal off the premises of Frontwave Arena.

Sign Language Interpreters

Frontwave Arena is pleased to provide signed performances for our hearing-impaired guests for select events. Interpretation services are not guaranteed for every event; however, we will make every effort to accommodate each request with appropriate advance notice, at least 30 days prior to the event. Please contact the Frontwave Arena Box Office at for further information.

If there are several guests who request the use of signers for a particular event, all hearing-impaired guests may be seated in the same area.



For guests who wish to transfer to a seat from their wheelchair, we will store your wheelchair at Guest Services. Wheelchairs and walkers are not allowed to be stored at the seating section. Our staff will arrange to return the wheelchair or walker to you at the end of the event, or any other time you would prefer.

Guest Services at Frontwave Arena provides complimentary wheelchair escorts to guests with special needs when requested. Please be aware that our staff will not remain with you during the event, nor will they allow you to remain in the wheelchair for the duration of the event.


Web Accessibility Statement

Updated: May 2024


Frontwave Arena strives to ensure that its services are accessible to people with disabilities. Frontwave Arena has invested a significant amount of resources to help ensure that its website is made easier to use and more accessible for people with disabilities, with the strong belief that website accessibility efforts assist all users and that every person has the right to live with dignity, equality, comfort and independence.

Enabling the Accessibility Menu

The accessibility menu can be enabled by clicking the accessibility menu icon that appears on the corner of the page. After triggering the accessibility menu, please wait a moment for the accessibility menu to load in its entirety.

Accessibility Scanner

In an ongoing effort to continually improve and remediate accessibility issues, we also regularly scan with accessiBe Accessibility Scanner to identify and fix every possible accessibility barrier on our site. Despite our efforts to make all pages and content on fully accessible, some content may not have yet been fully adapted to the strictest accessibility standards. This may be a result of not having found or identified the most appropriate technological solution.

Here For You

If you are experiencing difficulty with any content on or require assistance with any part of our site, please contact us during normal business hours and we will be happy to assist.

Contact Us

If you wish to report an accessibility issue, have any questions or need assistance, please contact Frontwave Arena as follows: or by mail at:

Frontwave Arena Management, LLC
ATTN: Legal Department
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