The new arena will be home to the San Diego Sockers, San Diego Clippers and more.

SAN DIEGO — The future home of the San Diego Sockers, San Diego Clippers and other events is set to complete construction in August of this year. The privately funded Frontwave arena will have a capacity of 7,500 and will bring a multiuse facility to North County. Being built in Oceanside at El Corazon, Vice President of Sales and Service Stefani Polonia says this new building for the Sockers, Clippers and any future tenants is sure to be an incredible experience.

"They get to play in a more professionally type environment meaning brand new courts, a brand new floor, brand new entrances, things that we've never been able to execute before for these teams and now we can," Polonia said.

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In September, the brand new $85-million Frontwave arena will open its doors in Oceanside and host its first event, The Gold Over America Tour starring Simone Biles. That's where attendees will get their first experience of the new arena. Co-Founder and CEO Josh Elias is beyond excited for the fans to take in all that Frontwave has to offer.

"It is a blank canvas, and we got to create it from the beginning. So our premium spaces, our VIP decks our bars, our lounges and you know, there's no bad seats in this venue at all," Polonia said. "No one is going to have an issue with where they're sitting...whether it's NBA whether it's Sockers or whether it's a concert, every seats a great seat here and that's what I'm excited about."

In addition to all the sporting events the arena will also be booked up with concerts of different styles and sizes said Elias.

 "About 50% of our program will be concerts and we're looking at all different types of genres and different sizes we have the ability to cut the house in half so anywhere from 2000 to 7500 seats so we have a wide array of type of events we can do here," he said.

The arena is being built on a massive plot of land in Oceanside as well.

"We're set on 450 acres here of El Corazon, which is a unique location and amount of space for North County, San Diego. So we have 22 soccer fields right now that are programmed about 32 weekends a year. Our goal is to program those fields and those events to our arena and our plaza," Elias said.

After the opening event in September, the Clippers begin their season in November. The Sockers' new season will kick off in December. 

Author: Jake Garegnani